Four Ways to Take a Non-Travel Vacation

Have you ever gone on vacation to a far away place and returned feeling more fatigued than when you left?  Truly invigorating vacations are more about changing what’s inside of us than they are about changing what’s around us. In order to feel genuine renewal a change of setting may help, but it’s not necessary.  Here are four ways to have a soulfully satisfying vacation without booking a trip anywhere.

How long you stay, 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 weeks, is up to you: 
1. Let Go.  Release all activities that regularly absorb energy from you,
especially all work-related actions and thoughts. Genuine vacations can’t happen unless you vacate your mind of thoughts that can easily and often unconsciously lure you back into work mode. A rubber band on the wrist can help you avoid thinking about work. Whenever work-thoughts surface, give yourself a little pop.

2. Lose the Schedule. Much of our daily anxiety is connected to our having to do this or be there at a certain time. True vacations take all the demand out of time. While on vacation, forget about having to do anything on time; live free and easy in time.

3. Delight Yourself.  Engage fun, healthy, and wholesome activities for joy sake. Submerge yourself in a spirit of play. For more playful inspiration, visit

4. Love the Margin. Margin is the space between our load and our limits. Such space is virtually non-existent in our “crazy busy” world. Savor the empty spaces in your vacation, the times when you are sitting, being still, and doing nothing. Aaahhh. Whether or not you have made plans to get away physically this summer, plan to get away mentally and emotionally. Your soul, your family and friends will thank you.        

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